Xenosaga 1 save problem
Played Xenosaga 1 (SLUS_204.69) for an hour and saved my game (Shion Lev2). Later today i reloaded my save from the Mem card.

After the cinematics i moved around the ship and as soon as i touched the save point, the PS2 Browser came up ( ! ) showing the Mem card and the iso image.

The browser worked ok. I could browse the Mem card (which only has a Xenosaga save), check the PS2 configuration or reboot the game by selecting the iso image.

No errors in the emulog. No save states used. Default config, no MTVU, speedhacks on, 3x internal res.


PCSX2 - 5860

i7 [email protected], P8P67, ASUS HD7870 CUII, 8GB 1600 GSkill, Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit

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Is it reproducible/happening again?
known issue, it happens at some save points at the game's start. There is no current solution, the workaround is making a sstate just before trying the save point, just in case.

I mean, if you are sent to the BIOS, restart the game and load from the sstate, avoid that save point for the time being.
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and otherwise wait till you're in Shion's own bedroom, it is known that that savepoint actually does work and otherwise indeed use savestates until you're out of the Vector ship, even though it's not recommended to use savestates.
Well, there are a series of reasons to avoid using sstates "exclusively". First of all because it keeps whatever memory corruption, be it by emulation mistake or wrong cheat codes... really whatever cause. So the sstate has the potential to accumulate memory corruption to a breaking point.

Second, sstates should never be used to keep long term saves, this is far better kept on memcard. Among the reasons to have memcard saves being they will work with every emulator's versions or builds (sstates aren't grant to work in between versions or builds even).

So, why using sstates at all?

Simple answer, they are practical and actually the only way to save in between save points, or even inside a battle mode. Besides they are a bless if you have to emergency quit the gaming session.

Let's understand that sstates are a bless but they might be a curse if used the wrong way. This game is a prime example where one should use sstates a lot till getting out that problematic part, yet, even so, once possible do a memcard save by all means and continue doing so.

Be used to once and again to load from the memcard save and make a new clean sstate to grant possible memory corruptions are cleaned. Don't be shy using sstates, just remember they are useful in between save points. Do never pass by the opportunity to do a normal save.
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