Xenosaga 2 black boxes problem [w/ photos and config]
Hey there, I'm looking for some help on setting up Xenosaga 2, nd I keep running into these black bar that cover the areas of the game....I've tried to mess around with the onfig but to no avail, any help in appreciated!

I've added attachments as images/screenshots of the black bar phenomena as well as the config, thanks in advance for any help!

also, I hope this post is allowed here, if it is not please feel free to say so and I will delete it, thank you!

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Enable preload frame data in gsdx hacks.
(06-15-2021, 07:58 AM)prafull Wrote: Enable preload frame data in gsdx hacks.

thanks so much, toyed around with that and it did the trick! much appreciated!

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