Xenosaga 2 odd bug involving save screen/party UI

I've been recently working my way through the Xenosaga trilogy for the first time on PCSX2. Episode 1 ran greatly, despite a few hitches on a cutscene, but Episode 2 has been weirdly buggy in the visual department. Be it a scene where a character's hologram was a huge, white mass. Or how the party and save game UI keep popping up under specific lighting conditions. Like it's burnt into my screen like a CRT image after I dare open the party menu or save and go near anything with bloom or any kind of lighting. There was even instances today of the URTV pod cutscenes and room being a white screen. Attached is one of the two images I've seen from my playthrough, and I hope to find out what the issue is, as I have a 1660 Super, 16GB RAM, and Ryzen 5 3600. My settings are using the OpenGL renderer with the merge/align sprite stuff on, and the EE/VU stuff being at default. Preesent is a screenshot of my issue. Albeit in 1024x768, if only to look small enough on monitors.
[Image: unknown.png]

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