Xenosaga 3 Lighting problem
I searched on the forum, but didn't find threads with similar problem of mine.
My problem started in 5th. Jerusalem. It's like the lighting or the shader becomes disabled(screen is darker, and black squares appears at the feet of some objects.), then enablend, and disabled again periodically after a few meters.

My specs:
Core 2 Duo E7200 @ 2,5 Ghz
Radeon HD4850
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Speed hacks:
EE Cycle Rate 3, safe speed hacks on.

I use the SSE4 GSdx. (DX10 Hardware mode, allow 8 bit textures and texture filtering is on) Internal res = 2048*1536. It's the same with and without the skipdraw=4/Offset hacks. In DX9 Hardware mode the problem disappears, but the game is slower with a 20-30 FPS.

Any possible solution? Not game breaking, but a little annoying.

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Sorry, I've tried to hack on it before but couldn't make it better.
DX9 mode is the only solution for now.
Thanks for the reply. No problem. I've already used to it, just surprised me a bit.

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