Xenosaga Cutscenes (A Seek Error has occured!)
After finally fixing my bug where I didn't have cutscenes because I had the skip cutscene hack on, I now have an issue where all my cutscenes now glitch out and give me (A seek error has occured) with the option to hit replay or skip.

I read another post on here about it years ago but no answer was ultimately given, does anyone know how I can go about fixing this. The issue just started and was not happening before.

Thank you!


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You either have a downloaded image of the game which is broken, or you have not made a proper image of your game (Xenosaga I is a DVD9 game so your ISO image should be around 8GB if properly made, use imgburn to make it)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I just remade the ISO from disk it's 8.26 gbs I started it up and bam same issue. Is there anything in PCSx2 that could cause this?
PCSX version, settings and other related things?
Alright I've finally fixed Xenosaga completely whew..

I'll write up a small guide later for those looking to play xenosaga and common issues I came across that might help everyone.

Thanks for your help^^

My guess is you had the async option enabled in SPU2-X. That or you used PEOPS SPU2.

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