Xenosaga EP 1 FPS tweaks?
so i have ran all over the net on this, and for the most part it seems to be about the same answer, during the cutscene it will be slow. though i have seen a few that state they are able to get it to run perfectly.

I am running on a toshiba with an AMD Turion II Dual Core 2.20GHz and 4GB ram on win 7 ult x64. the graphics is just the built in radeon m400.

the fps is holding around 25-30 during the cutscene (havent actually got into the game yet seeing as ive been messing with the settings constantly trying to get it to go full speed) but every now and then will hold at around 60 for a good 15 secs. my EE is always 90-100% while the GU is 5-15% and UI is 0-5%

from most what ive seen people say its high demand on the GPU which i understand, but i figured if that was the case then the GU should be spiking more than the EE. Looks to me like the EE is what is causing the slow fps, is there a good way to lower that to the point where it wont kill the fps?

this is my fav series and i would love to play it again (played through the first e and half the second a few years back) and would like to play the first again before moving on if possible, but i want to be able to watch the scenes again. hope someone has found a fix since the last posting i found from winter of last month xD thanks for the help ^_^

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I'm sorry to say, but your Hardware is quite weak for the Xenosaga Games, I played the game on my old x2 6000+ with 2600xt at first and it was a miracle if I ever came above 50 fps, with my 5770 I got around 55 fps and now with my new CPU I could run the game at full speed with here and there some slowdowns Smile
ya i kinda figured as much. oh well, at least a ps2 is only 100 bucks these days xD still, would be nice to play it on my PC
you need 3.5Ghz, minimum to keep the game playable with balanced speedhacks

any higher(speedhacks) and you get jittery performance and fake fps
You use one of the latest SVN Builds right?? Have u tried the new MTVU Hack yet? Not sure if it'll speed up the game, since u have a dual core otherwise just wait for a more knowledgeable person about this to tell you about that hack heh.
MTVU is of very little benefit on Xenosaga's battle sequences.
im actually quite new to the whome emulator scene really. just decided i wanted to play xenosaga again today so i DLed it. i just poked around for a few hours on settings and tried to do the best i could lol. if the svn didnt come with 0.9.8 then no i dont have it. ive noticed some stuff about a ZeroGS or something but its not on mine, so dunno
One thing i have wondered about, if I ran the emulator via a VM would it be possible to fool the system to get it to run smoother? though its not really the ram that is being used up so i guess that wouldnt do much good...
(09-26-2011, 11:05 AM)Crimmy Wrote: just decided i wanted to play xenosaga again today so i DLed it.

Our forum does not tolerate any kind of warez talk / discussion / links and no support will be given as such.
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Lol, prepare for a ragestorm Lana Tongue2

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