Xenosaga EP1 saving bug on ship
Note: I didn't see the other post before posting

When you go to use the save point on the ship it kicks you out of the game to menu see here:


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You can save in the systen of the emulator.(in the own console,you know)
In the save states slot.
I believe it's a known issue, though Blyss would be better suited to answer.
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some save spots boot the game back to bios, it know issue an that isnt gona be fixed, as fixing it will break other things, best to use save state before you try the ingame save points
I for exemple-do this,i has a save status of god of war in a ancient svn launched a 6 months ago,but no saved in the virtual memory cards of the emulator,only in systen,i only have to play the game a little more and save in the checkpoint,and afte this i have a save in the virtual mcards pcsx2,only have to copy and put in the folder of the new svn,this is the right to do,but in this case of the thread its better save only in the systen of the emulator,maybe in the next chepoint all is good,anyway the savestates can be considered than secure than the mcards.
The savepoint in her own room works 100% Smile
Save points in XS1 can be a pain in the butt. Some save points will kick you out, some won't, sometimes it's random.

I always HIGHLY recommend making a save state before doing an in-game save.
In my entire playthrough, these ones did it all the time:

Shion's room on the Woglinde, and the main save point on the Elsa

I had no trouble anywhere else.
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Shion's room on the ship where she did the test with KOS-MOS is 100% working you can save there without being kicked to the BIOS again.

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