Xenosaga Ep1 AHK Steal Farm script
Hi all, I'm new here so I hope this is the right section. I just wanted to share an AutoHotkey script I threw together to make steal farming easier in Xenosaga Episode I, though it may work for other titles. With this script you can easily farm upgrade items to help with stat bumping, among other useful items. All you have to do is stand in front of an enemy and press =. You will get into a battle, steal from the first enemy, run away, and repeat. The only thing you have to do is restore EP when you run out.

#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2          ; seems necessary to exit while loop

=::                             ; replace "=" with button of your choice to start/stop loop
    Toggle := !Toggle           ; toggle loop on or off

        SendInput, {Right down} ; hold right arrow key (bound to O with rapid fire)
        SendInput, {Right up}   ; release right arrow key

    SendInput, {Down}           ; press down arrow key (bound to X)
    Sleep 350                   ; wait 350ms

Essentially what this does is hold down O to confirm commands, and presses X once every 350ms to open the battle menu.

Also of note, I have bound the right arrow key to O, and down to X. This is the first word you see after sendinput. The second word refers to whether it's in a down (pressed) state or up (released) state.

  • You must enable rapid fire for whatever key you use for O, or holding it down will only press it once, making this script not work.
  • Lower the sleep value as low as possible to increase the speed of script execution (slightly), but raise it if you get stuck in a loop where it opens Ether menu and closes it over and over. It may depend on framerate (I highly recommend turning off framelimiter with f4 when farming, but don't confuse it with quick load f3)
  • You'll want Jr. with ONLY psycho pocket set as ether skill, Shion with only goodbye, and transfer goodbye to your 3rd character as well. Removing other spells ensures these spells are in the top slot.
Additional tips: 
For best results, equip Jr. with Angel Ring, Silver Crown, and possibly White Ring. I'm currently farming Bugbears for Tech Upgrade A. They also will drop Med Kit S. You can sell these for money to buy new ether packs, enabling you to continue farming without losing any money.

Let me know if you've found this helpful. Thanks!

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