Xenosaga Episode 1 game crashes to memory card selection or disk selection
Huh I don't really know if anyone else has experienced this issue or has a fix for it, but basically what is happening after you finish fighting the first boss in the encephalon after the fmvs stop running. Once you run to use the save point back behind where Kos-Mos is sleeping once you try and use the save point pcsx2 crashes to the selection of either memory cards with a selection to run the disc. Select either of the 3 and it just goes to the ps2 bios browser. Is there a fix for this? Or am i more or less stuck at an impass? I've search the forums but haven't had much success in finding a fix. I've attached a screenshot of what happens after trying to use the save point. I hope that it helps.

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Known issue, unfixable. Read here for more info and some workarounds (mainly using save states until you get to a working save point):
[Image: newsig.jpg]
ok got it save states, one question though if anyone knows is it at least possible once you beat the game to save and have clear game data to use in xenosaga episode 2?
Yes, it's possible.
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Most save points works fine, just do what was already said, use the save state before trying one for the first time. If it works it will work always, if it doesn't it doesn't always.
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(08-28-2010, 12:36 PM)nosisab Ken Keleh Wrote: If it works it will work always, if it doesn't it doesn't always.

Not true, it seems to change after some events.
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That I didn't know, never is too late to learn, thanks Shadow Lady Smile

PS: one more reason to savestate before using any save point... now even to retry those I didn't before because they sent me to BIOS every time I attempted them, at some point I just avoided them at all.
Imagination is where we are truly real
I've been noticing the same problem. Glad to finally find out the reason why. Thanks guys =)
I'm not sure if it was in this forum or on another website discussing PCSX2
However someone pointed out the corruption of thumbnails depicting the screen at the time the save point was accessed

When these screens get taken for the thumbnail screen shot I am pretty sure that PS2 is expecting a much much lower resolution with less graphical flare and therefore a much smaller file size for the thumb

Sometimes PS2 will force the screenshot causing corruption but other times it gets confused and drops to browser

Setting much lower graphics settings on the emulator resulted in saving successfully (still with corrupted thumbnails)

The work around I can suggest is to use save state by a save point, drop out and lower all your emulator's graphics settings
Native resolution
D3d 9 Software
640x480 Window
Close the emulator and then reload it
load Xenosaga
load the save state
and then try the save point for a solid memory card save

I'm not sure if this information helps the developers with future builds; ie: a new game fix that forces a small res thumb or replaces thumb with a dummy?
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