Xenosaga Episode 1 problems
My problem is weird. Outside of battle an cimenatics in Hardware mode I'm fine, but as soon as I enter battle the framerate dips to around 40. Switching to Software mode for battles fixes it, but then everything outside battles lags. This is quite a cumbersome method.

My specs are:

AMD Phenom 2 x4 3.2 ghz quad core


ATI Radeon HD 4870 x2

Those are the important specs, right?

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which PCSX2 version are you using and did you already tried to make an image out of your disc with imgburn? since Iso's mostly improve performance a bit and also can give less troubles later on.
I'm using 1.0 Windows, and I already ripped it to ISO. Should I be using one of the SVN releases or whatever they're called?
Do you have the MTVU hack ticked? If not, then that might help you out a lot.
I did try that, but I didn't see much of an effect. I'll try it again and report back.

Alright, I tried it, it brought battles up to 45-46 FPS. IS there a key to switch to Software mode on the fly? If so, I'll just use that to switch during battles.
XS1 is known to be quite heavy within battles, especially when the Mechs come into play.
Yeah, it's a tolerable hit so far, I'll deal with it. Just wanted to know if anything could be done.
(02-17-2013, 11:08 PM)TheTonyOne Wrote: Yeah, it's a tolerable hit so far, I'll deal with it. Just wanted to know if anything could be done.

not really most mech battles are huge hits to performance
Although this can change, the emulator is at the development phase where achieving more compatibility and accuracy is the main focus and not much is going to enhance the performance. Will be good if even the performance of today is kept for compatibility and accuracy tend to take a heavy toll.

Modern hardware of today are much "stronger" than few years ago and more powerful at each new release, soon we will be seeing laptops with performance equal and surpassing that of most nowadays desktop. Then PCSX2 will be running so smooth on most machines like emulators for older consoles ran on today's hardware.

This has been a constant in the history of emulation... all and every emulator had to struggle with the hardware they were first developed at. On the bright side, tomorrow you'll be on one those new and powerful machines Smile
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Hmmmm I had the game running smooth on my old AMD 3.4ghz Black Edition ive moved to intel since then but that 965 was very nice for the price.

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