Xenosaga Episode 2 ran at full FPS. Upgraded, and now it doesn't even get close.
I had an XPS M1530. It had:

Core 2 Duo T8300 (2.4GHz, 800MHz bus speed)
8600M GT 256MB

That computer had nothing but problems, so Dell sent me a new laptop:

Core 2 Duo P7450 (2.1GHz, 1066MHz bus speed), will be getting a P8600 since I convinced them to Wink
6GB DDR3 Triple Channel RAM
Radeon HD 3670 512MB

Now on both computers, I have used these settings:

pcsx2 beta.r18888

Graphics config:
GSdx 0.1.15, SSE 4.1
DX 10 (Hardware)
Full screen
Native internal resolution

CPU Config:
Multi threaded GS mode

Speed hacks:
1.5x Cycle Rate
INTC Sync Hack
IOP 2x Cycle Rate
Idle Loop Fast-Forward
Status Flag Hack
No VU Cycle Stealing

Advanced Settings:

On my XPS M1530, I got basically 55-60 FPS at all times with the exception of some areas where lots of characters were.

On my brand-new computer, I'm getting maybe 20-25 FPS, and I'm noticing a slight delay in movement whenever I push the button to move my character. I don't know what happened. Anyone have an idea? This computer is better than the old one, yet it runs like crap. I have it set to high-performance mode and pcsx2 to high priority, just like my old computer.

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How is your new laptop better? All I see is a 300Mhz lower cpu clock, which definitely hurts PCSX2 performance.
Also you now have an ATI graphic card, so you'll want to make sure to use the latest GSdx beta.
(02-21-2010, 01:41 PM)rama Wrote: How is your new laptop better? All I see is a 300Mhz lower cpu clock, which definitely hurts PCSX2 performance.

A faster bus speed, 4 more GB of faster RAM, and a little faster graphics card.

There shouldn't be this big of a performance hit from only 300MHz but a faster bus speed. I'll be getting a 2.4GHz, so I'll be able to see if it makes that big of a difference. It seems like it shouldn't..
What does bus speed has to do with anything? In terms of PCSX2 you didn't upgrade, you downgraded. Ram speed or size makes 0 difference too
[Image: newsig.jpg]
So what you're telling me is, pcsx2 relies solely on clock speed with absolutely no other factors involved at all?

All other factors are less relevant.
It'll be hard to even find a synthetic benchmark that shows significant differences between different bus speeds.
It helps to have the bus fast, but in no way does it outweigh 300Mhz.

Do you use a recent GSdx version, as I asked earlier?
All older versions have serious performance issues with ATI cards. Especially cards from the 2xxx and 3xxx range.

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