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Xenosaga I USA savegame/savestate to JAP version
There is a way to load a NTSC savegame or savestate of Xenosaga Ep I NTSC in the JAP version?
Renaming the savestate work but if I move in another room or I try to save in the memory card it crash.
I need a savegame before Albedo took MOMO for the uncensored scene.
I also need a savegame before the two censored scenes of Xenosaga ep 3.

Any help would be grateful, thanks


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No. Either get Undub/Uncensored version or look the scenes up at youtube.
Thanks but I need the full quality videos for my project:

Some japanese people that have savegames?
If you just need the videos you could try extracting them with FMVTool:
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Thank you Shadow Lady, I'll try this, but it'll works only if the sequences are movies and no in-game animations.
I have to see when I'll arive at that point...

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