Xenosaga II lil'question
first thing first i run PCSX2 0.9.8 all runs smoothly good fps sound no problems.

AMD Phenom II X6 1100t BE 3.4ghz (yeah AMD is fine just as intel does get along with it.)
16gig DDR3 2066
EVGA Geforce GTX 580 FTW 3gig
Gigabyte EVO 990GX (i know i could use a buldozer octocore on that mobo)

playing in HD no worries (thanks the the PCSX2 DEV team for their awesome job ) ok now stoping being nicey nice and complimenting DEV for their UBERAWESOMNESS

(remember folks 95% of the bug come from the organic part of a computer)

ok for my lil question i run XSII and i cant get past insert disc 2 screen after M.O.M.O encephalon dive part, i saw a post about it but it was from mid 2010 so i wouldnt necro and went about a new post

loading a save well so ok i dont have one and if i use a save that someone could send me i wouldnt have my character as i've lvl'ed or skills path

gah i think i auto answered myself : 1st choice external save and 2nd choice im doomed to re activate my old ps2 and play on that xD

anyway 1st purpose was to thanks pcsx2 team for the good job out here Biggrin (either i dont mind if someone has a save)

p.s: before the "you can save at that screen" no i cant no O save or X dont save just the ES from Canaan and the Please insert DISC 2

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I don't understand why can't you save on the memory card again?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
(12-01-2011, 02:59 PM)Bositman Wrote: I don't understand why can't you save on the memory card again?
because there is no O save or X dont save on my Please insert DISC 2 screen so no save: cant load a save

its the only flaw i find in PCSX2 changing CD could not be done (and since 2010 i was hoping they could find a solution to that (no not loading a borrowed save ofc))
You can change discs. Make an ISO of disc 2 and when you get the message to change discs, select it with the internal ISO loader. A pop up window will come up where you'll have to select swap disc and that's it.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
mhhh ok i see tho i dont like to use iso if its the only solution then im on it

thanks for help

edit weehee working perfect um i got to recognise ISO lower the data access time... (and as long as i own the original one i feel less uneasy than if i use iso, its that i dont like: people who DL iso xD )

awww long time no play XSII need to find a collbox of XSIII (<3 T-elos xD) sad Namco cut of the second half os XS serie (i know XSII is the worse of XS but still <3 ) thanks again Bositman
Reiverblade it's always recommended to make an Image of your discs, games run way better then by disc. Mainly due to the fact that the access time of a Hard Disk is way lower then a DVD Drive Smile

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