Xenosaga III problems
After some tweaking of the settings I managed to get Xenosaga 3 running at full speed for almost all of the areas and battles (except for a few E.S battles). But I haven't proceeded that far into the game on the emulator yet...(about 5 hours in).

Anyways, I've been having issues with a few cutscenes and in battle animations (though not really a problem, the transitions into battle). During these few cutscenes, battle animations and transitions the game lags massively (drops from 60fps to 4 fps).

To be specific, these cutscenes are:
*The very first cutscene where you start the game.
*The scene after Allen's mail at the beach in Chapter 1.
*The scene with the Nephilim at the Rennes Le Chateau

Battle animations:
*Erde Kaiser summon. It starts lagging only when he does his lightning.

As I could just load up my save on my PS2 and watch these scenes it really isn't THAT big of an issue, but it's very annoying. Especially since even skipping these scenes are difficult.

The only common thing I found with all these animations/scenes is that there appears to be a colour mask applied over the actual animations (ie. brownish mask over the first cutscene, grey mask over the scene after allen's mail and a black mask over the lightning to show the area around it darken).

I wonder if this is a settings problem as I can run everything else fine. At no other point in the game or in similar cutscenes has the fps dropped below 50.

I'm currently using pcsx2 revision 1059 (also tried the official 0.9.6 one and the problem remains there too...).
*I use GSDX plugin. I downloaded the latest one from the GSDX thread.
*SPU-X sound plugin.

Anyhow, thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated.

EDIT:The visuals also break up. I'll add a screenshot:

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Try with old gsdx plugin 0.1.6 and 0.1.7 and set native res. Play this game in directx.10 mode.
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.
it helped the lag. Though the cutscene is still unwatchable. It still looks somewhat like the screenshot I gave.
I think you should put this at Gsdx's thread, it seems more a problem related with the Graphic plugin than a emulator's (is this correctly written? xD), so maybe Gabest can see this and correct these problems Wink
what config did you use?

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