Xenosaga Series
I was wondering if the Xenosaga series run better on the new 0.9.7 (r3818) (Well for me it's new lol I was still at r3113). If anyone can tell me if there is any improvements with the fps and stuff, I would love to hear it.

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I think so. It runs well enough on 3113, so it should run on the new Beta too.
If you have some general configuration questions to the Xenosaga games, PM me.
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Xenosaga II and III have less problems with video memory so it's a little better yes, you probably didn't have a problem with your current card so you may not notice at all though.
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well still alot of parts are 30-42ish fps, and the cinematics 60-80+ even sometimes lol. Only thing that bugs me, is that I have quite alot of ghosting with cinematics.
I also have this issue now, which I had in an old post of mine, it seems that now my characters are walking very very slow, instead of running they're walking now and it happened all of a sudden. It doesn't have to do anything with my fps, it seems to be a bug of PCSX. I had this before from the beginning, but now it's from the part where you get Vessels of Anima and it stays that way. Anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? Cause I don't want to start all over again Sad

I also get these errors when I start up the game:

HLE Warning: ELF does not have a path!!
GIFTAG error, size exceeded VU memory size 3ff

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