Xenosaga ep 1 direct x 9 ?
I am wondering if there is anyway to get Xenosaga Episode 1 to be playable in dx9 mode? Did some searching and it seems it may only be playable with dx10 but I wanted to be sure before I gave up.

Ive tried with all versions of pcsx2 and various plugins and settings and speedhacks and trial and error'd most settings but I always get extreme slowdown in the 3rd sequence of the opening movie where they do the KOSMOS seperation it drops to 10fps and is unwatchable.

My pc specs are intel dual core 3.0ghz, 2g ram, windows xp pro 32bit, 8800 gts 512mb


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If it's slow in dx9, and is fast in dx10, it won't be getting any faster in dx9.

And those specs are enough to run vista .I have 2 gbs of ram too and I'm happy overall, although I don't use vista for pc gaming, so...Tongue2

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