Xenosaga episode 1 issue.
I have a problem with Xenosaga episode 1, when i get to the part where i go to bed right on the beggining the image freezes but the sound continues. I've had no issues with the other cutscenes and the game was running almost flawlessly, i've tried changing every option in the graphical configuration but nothing happened, turned off all speedhacks too.

Edit: Couldn't fix the problem, but it seems it was a really small cutscene so no big deal, sorry about the useless post.

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It's not an useless spot. I have the exact same issue. Haven't had any problems with other cutscenes, but when you go to bed there are actually two cutscenes, one when you actually get on the bed (this plays fine) and the second one in wich the image freezes but the sound and everything on background goes on... don't know why this happen though, I also played with almost every configuration (tested with zerogs to, didn't worked neither)
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