Xenosaga glitch

I've was wondering If anyone had this glitch also that seems to occur with the xenosaga games. I'll put up to snapshots so that you can see.
[Image: prob1.th.jpg]

[Image: prob2.th.jpg]

It's like some of the textures are not there since I can see Shion's eyes through the back of her head.

I've also wanted to ask. Only the ZeroGS plugin works with this game for me. And by works I mean I can play it at 60fps easy while with the other plugin I get missing text and maybe 30 fps. Is this normal?

By the way I'm using Version 0.9.6 of the emulator and 0.97.1 of the plugin. With the default options save for these speed hacks:

x1.5 Cicle Rate
IOPx2 Cycle rate
Wait Cycles Sync Hack

Thanks for any help.

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First of all you should try without any speed hacks. They break games.
Then make sure you got the newest GSDX version ( download from the GSDX thread in the plugin section of the forum ). The DirectX 10 mode fixes this for sure, but I do not know if the DirectX9 version was fixed.
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if there any missing on GSDX just check Log Z
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Hi and thanks for the answers.

First of all I have the newest GSDX and the latest DirectX 9.0 updates. I don't have vista so DX10 mode is not possible.

If I check Log Z then the problem is fixed. However Log Z is only an option on the GSDX plugin. And I can't use that plugin since it goes way too slow. However using the ZeroGS plugin it goes really fast....

Isn't there an option that has a simillar effect on that can be used with the ZeroGS plugin?

I have tried to use the checkboxes but they seem to do nothing...
Nope,ZeroGS will have glitches with the game I'm afraid. I finished it using PCSX2 too...the new speed hack called 'INTC Sync hack' makes wonders in Xenosaga I Wink
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A little question for aarelovich, you run xenosaga in a decent speed?

I try many configurations in the 0.9.6 and is always slow, not much playable like compatibility list says.

If you run in a playable speed, what configuration you use?

Thanks for the help
You probably missed the definition of playable in our list then:
You can get from 'new game' to 'end credits'. This is regardless of FPS, it simply means you could with a great deal of patience, complete the game! eg: Slow, but stable!

Xenosaga I is one of the most demanding PS2 games in terms of CPU speed. You need something between 3,7 Ghz - 4 Ghz Core 2 Duo to run it at good speeds all the time.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Well as I said I use the speed hacks that I written in my first post and the I use the zeroGs plugin with the antialiasing x4 and the bilinear filtering. All other options are normal.

Also, I think it's Important to say that I have an image and I load it using the Linuz Iso 0.8.0 plugin directly. I do not read the game from my phisical DVD drive.

I use the SPU - X - 1.1.0 as sound plugin with all the default options.

Oh and the ZeroGS plugin is the 0.97.1 version. I dowoload it from the latest plugin pack in the beta svn snapshot thread for the emulator. Should be the one that comes bundled with the current official release.

Hope this helps.
Sorry, i don't see the definition Bositman XD, and my english is a little bad so a read superficially

In fact, I use a similar configuration with and ISO, I try to find were is my fail.

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Hey Bossitman
What do you mean you finished it with "PCSX2"?... you mean emulated? Or did you made a mistake?

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