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Xenosaga question
I tried to play Xenosaga on this emulator, i saw on the compatibility list that it was playable. However whenever i try to run it the emulator freezes at the Playstation 2 logo screen, where it says "Playstation 2" in the middle of the screen. It moves really slowly, then the logo moves to the bottom of the screen and it freezes with the logo only half visible at the bottom. It never even makes it into the game itself, just the startup.

My PC is a Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33Ghz processor, 8Gb of ram, Nvidia Geforce 9500 GS 512mb video card. And is running Windows Vista Home 64bit. I can play Dragon Quest 8: Journey of a cursed King, though extremely slowly, like under 20fps. But Xenosaga freezes up. Both games i have the disc for, the only reason i want to use the emulator is because my PS2 will no longer recognize my gameshark disc for some reason. Has anyone had this issue before and fixed it? I looked on the forums but was getting alot of responses that had nothing to do with Xenosaga (when using Xenosaga as the search term).

Could someone also recommend what settings to use on the emulator? The configuration guide was very confusing for me, especially the shaders part since my video card is not listed on the site that it links to.

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First, use the latest 0.9.7 beta from our public beta download section. Select GSdx and SPU2-X for GS and SPU2. Don't worry about shaders since all new graphics cards have PS4 and up. Also set GSdx to DX10/11 mode.

I suggest you make an ISO of your disc using imgburn since Xenosaga I is a dual layer DVD disc (DVD9). Then use the internal ISO reader of PCSX2 to run it. Should work fine.
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Ahh cool, i'll give that a try. I didnt use the beta before because i saw somewhere that it wasnt quite stable.
Question, is asking how to get your own Bios from your own PS2 console against the rules or just asking where to get one? I've found references to Naplink and Ps2link, but searches for those terms result in sites that will not load for some reason, likely shut down or something. (Wish yahoo and google would stop bringing up sites that are shut down, at the top of the list...

[Note, i am not actually asking for a Bios or where to get it. I am just checking if asking how to get it off your own console is against the rules.]
Asking how to get it from your PS2 console is perfectly fine Smile In fact we have a thread in the FAQ just for that:
I suggest you use the USB method using the (BIN) bios dumper tool: Or the ISO if you want to do it with a burned CD
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Hmm, so there isnt a way to do it without needing the PS2 to be modded? I kinda gave up on modding after my mom forced me to ruin her PS2. (I warned her the soldering(Sp) iron was too big to do it but she wouldnt listen).
Unfortunately no, you need to have it modded somehow. You could try the memcard exploit described in the guide though.
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But doesnt a PS2 have to be modded in order to play a burnt disc? And how exactly would the memory card exploit get the bios?
Using the memcard exploit you need ANOTHER modded PS2 to do it, but yours doesn't have to be modded.
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Ahh, well unfortunately that wont work either, i dont know anyone who has a modded PS2. Would be so much simpler if you could just hook it up to a computer... Such a hassle just because my PS2 wont play my game anymore... v.v

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