Xenosaga - slow when KOSMOS is visible (NTSC)
Hello. I'm trying to run Xenosaga.
I can get good FPS, except when KOSMOS is visible during 3D rendering - it slows to a crawl.
I've tried everything I can think of (XP / Win7, Dx9 / Dx10, v0.9.6 / 1888 beta, current builds of GPU plugins, running off a mounted ISO, dozens of settings).
Is it even possible?
I'm willing to run current builds of anything.
I can't find a guide on Xenosaga and PCSX2 - is there one?

OS: XP, Windows 7
CPU: Athlon II x2 250 (OC'ed to 3719MHz) (dual core)
GPU: Ati Radeon HD4670 (1GB)
RAM: 2 x 1GB (OC'ed to DDR2 862)
MOBO: ASUS M3N78 Pro (this board can't adjust RAM timings)

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Xenosaga is one of the most intensive games for PCSX2 and getting full speed is very hard in certain places. It seems the KOSMOS model is designed to have more detail than the rest, causing more load.

DX10 along with the 1888 beta and certain speed hacks should get you pretty close to full speed though
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OMG, thats just impossible, here, try this configuration I posted here:

http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-11204.html (post number 4).

I can play close to full speed with a 2.4Ghz processor so with your 3.7 there is noooo way it "slows down to a crawl". Surely you have something not configured propperly. I forgot to tell on that post but I play on Windows 7. Laptop.
I forgot, use GSDx SSSE3 for your processor, not SSE4.1, rest, the same. Sorry for double post.
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Oh, so you play on Win7, dotHack? I don't think, theoretically speaking, that win7 gives better performance when it comes to pcsx2. But I can give it a try Smile. I still have the RC ISO here. But I must confess that, when you first said you could run Xenosaga at decent speed with a 2.4Ghz cpu, the fisrt thing that came to my mind was: "he is kidding with me, he must be." Tongue. Don't get me wrong, but I test this game since version 0.9.2. A.G.W.S. and KOS-MOS makes the whole system fall down on its knees. It has been like this for ages. That's why I asked you on the other thread to take two screenshots so I can compare with mines. ^^
Pentium Dual Core E5300@4GHz by AKASA Nero
Nvidia 9600GT XFX stock
3GB DDR2 800MHz

Sorry for my bad english.
rodiablo, check the other thread i've post some pictures with kosmos and agws fighting, even doing special attacks, in a window alongside cpu-z to show my cpu and speeds, be sure to check out.

And to lee321987, again, on that thread (link above) is my configuration to play the game, but use SSSE3 instead because of your processor.
SAGER NP8690 | i7-620M 2.66Ghz | 6GB RAM | ATI 5870M 1GB GDDR5 | FullHD 1080p 15.6'' | 500GB HDD 7200RPM | WINDOWS 7
dothack: AMD's only support SSE2 currently. They also support SSE3, but not SSSE3 which is what the plugin requires. (referring to your first post where you tell the OP to use SSSE3, not rodiablo)
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