Xenosaga weirdness
Hey all,

Before you ask i did a search and i didn't find anything, i keep sayin this and keep gettin told off, so im puttin it in here at first.

Right so now the issue, playin xenosaga 1 and its runnin ok, cutscenes are a bit slow but thats just the game (as i said i read up on this), Anyway my issue is that when i'm in battles, sometimes everyone seems to stand in the same spot, makin it really hard to tell who's doin what to whoem, and sometuimes i don't even know how many enemies i'm fightin, cos they are all superimposed. Niow i can put up with this but it is annoyin so i'd thought i'd ask.

On a side note some people also decide to vanish mid battle, and if its their turn the game locks up, seperate bug.

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i haven't played a xenosaga game,but i would suggest doing the following.

1st try the latest beta.
2nd go to config=>advanced and set your settings like the ones in the attachment.
Note:this will make the game run more slow than usual.if your problem is not fixed reset the advanced settings in their default state.

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Yeah things are working better for now, thx for that, speeds still fine too, the bug was sporadic tho so ill see if things stay good.

I did notice that if i reloaded my savestate things would sometimes fix themselves, anyway, thx again.
Nope, its just one of those sporadic things, any other ideas?
Try older pcsx2 betas. Around rev 1200 or so.
kk, thx. Stupid question, but whered i be able to grab one of those.
Either compile them yourself or google around for them.

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I also had the same problem when using the beta (r1650). It was just sporadic though. I haven't encountered the problem since using beta (r1888). But what I did when I encountered that problem was to exit pcsx2. Then restart the game until it reaches the scene were you can control your character. Run around then load you savestate again. Usually this solves the problem. I don't know why though.

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