Xploder cheat conversion
Hi guys and girls!

I've been trying to convert a couple of suposedly xploder cheats to raw and have been partially successful.
Since Monster Hunter got its servers back online, I really don't want to rebuild my character from scratch Tongue2

Anyway, I found cheats on this page: https://blog.goo.ne.jp/touffu/e/437420e5...bc08defd1a

I managed to convert max money to raw and that works, but others do not, e.g. (the one that I'm interested in) by using Interact GameShark V1 setting (key 0).

Max money
1CABF008 14BE598C -> 203C6FE0 0098967F
By using the same settings for omniconvert, I get:
Attack damage x8
9C8381E4 8A33E939 -> A014FEBC 962306AC
9C8381E8 1453CFE5 -> A014FEC0 000318C0

Any ideas?


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