Well i was trying to play one of my favorite Ps2 games , i downloaded the emulator and instal it. everything was really fine until I tried to press a botton on my keyboard in order to select the lenguage of the game and nothing happend. Then after some minutes y tried to configure my keybord but then i notice that the emulator dont reconize my Usb Keybord. How do i solve this problem ? I want to play that game so badly , so if u can help i will really apreciate it :3

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Close PCSX2.
Make sure your keyboard is plugged in,
then start PCSX2.

Before booting your game,
go to Config -> Controllers -> Plugin settings...

Go to the "Pad 1" tab,
and begin clicking the PS2 buttons on the right.
After clicking each button,
press the keyboard key you want set as that button.

Do they show up in the left side of the "Pad 1" window as you set them...?

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