Y/X axis. help :(
i wanted to change y/x axis like when i push the right analog stick up, the char looks up etc. so i clicked (in configs) on the button UP and moved the right analog stick up. the same with DOWN and it worked ingame. so he looked up and down when i moved the stick up and down. but the same principle doesnt work for LEFT/RIGHT and i just cant figure out how to fix this-.- can you help me please? and sorry for that ***** explaination i dont know how to tell you guys this better. google also did not help me a single bit Blush Blush Angry Angry

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Does the game itself not have an invert X/Y axis option?
(12-25-2016, 02:14 AM)FlatOut Wrote: Does the game itself not have an invert X/Y axis option?

sly cooper 2 and kingdom hearts 2 dont -.- and i only have those 2 games
I'm having the same problem with Fullmetal Alchemist. I tried going in to the Pad 1 tab in the config menu and deleting the default R-Stick inputs, then clicking the buttons on the right and moving the R-Stick in the new direction, but the readout says the device is now DX Controller instead of XInput Pad 0 and the command is X/Y Rotation +/- instead of Right Thumb X/Y +/- (with the exception of Right Stick Right command which reads as XInput Pad 0 and Right Thumb X -). I don't know how to restore defaults so I don't know if I should test these out or not

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