Yakuza 1 Walkthrough using PCSX2 including settings
Hey guys,

In the past I've made some tiny short snippets of games I've owned like FFX in HD and SD to compare how great PCSX2 is.

Now however, I believe there is more than tech-demo'ing that should be done with this wonderful Emulator. It's not 100% like PS2 all the time, there are bugs and issues with all kinds of games, but for every negative for failing to reach PS2 likeness, there is at least a positive for exceeding PS2 likeness.

In the past I've completed this short list of games on PCSX2:
  • Yakuza 1
  • Yakuza 2
  • Final Fantasy X
  • Final Fantasy XII
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Star Ocean: Till the end of time
  • and more that I can't think of right now

My favourite after having visited these locations in game and real life, is Yakuza. So I've started a full HD walkthrough. Have a look at this beautiful image before you give the walkthrough a play, this should set the tone for exactly how much recreation of kabukicho they worked on.
I won't embed that into the thread, it's like 3000x2000px. It'd ruin everything.

The first 3 parts of chapter 1 are being uploaded right now, and apologies for the bad commentary, but you might learn a thing or two about some of the backstory of the development of the game. Well, specifically the voice actors.

I'll be posting 1 chapter at a time, each chapter should take around 45 minutes and be split into three 15 minute videos.

Without further ado:

Thank you!

Please go to youtube and watch the 1080p versions and let me know what you think!

Chapter two will be much higher resolution check out my other posts to see exact settings outside of the video.

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Might steal another post just in case..
One more post to drive some interest in this game along with currently uploading better quality Yakuza video.

I have played with the GSDX.ini file and now I've completed the chapter 1 of the youtube, I've got settings better, perhaps as good as it can be so let me share.


1) Config Emulation settings:
EE/IOP settings;


This is to fix trouble with low EE% and low GS% but still the game runs at bad FPS during cutscenes and FMV's. The reason for this is because the memory card keeps being accessed. I found the solution through some random testing and posted the results in another thread. I'm not sure which one of these 4 options fixes it, but without them checked, it runs at 60fps in game, and then 10-50fps in FMV/Cut scenes.

2)Find GSDX.ini for modification
Make a backup of this file, you'll need to change it back to defaults for any other game.

3) In GSDX.ini

Then find the following highlighted lines and change the values to =1

4) Enjoy beauty.
Sadly the jpg to fit has to lose a little quality, but at 1080p it's not shabby. It doesn't have big black lines anymore, nor a giant amount of blur. Before you probably saw a White border bleeding in, and then a fuzzy layer over the top. Removing both results in happy times.

These refinements will be from chapter 2 onwards for this Yakuza story. Only the first half are active and one of the ini file tweaks.
Bumping my thread with an update, while PCSX2.net was down last night my uploads finished for chapter 1 of Yakuza 1. Chapter 2 will be out sometime before tomorrow, australian time.
Is there any way to get ride of that faint line down the center of the picture?
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