Yakuza 2
Hello, I seem to have a problem in Yakuza 2 with the Cellphone messages, for some reason I can't scroll down in them, means I can't read all of it. But during the choosing which mail the scrolling works fine >_< I use version 1.0.0 5350.

Help would be appreciated .. because don't know where Karen wants to meet me T_T

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Hello .Your gamepad properly configured?
Yes, it works without any problems, like I said the scrolling works in the choosing the mails.
Hmm i see..you using default settings for PCSX2? I dont know about your issue but maybe we can figure out Smile
Or someone can join later.
You using ISO dump or playing from DVD?
Sounds like bad reading to me..
Yeah, default settings and an iso dump of my dvd.
As you can see ,not a lot of activity in this thread.I never heard of this problem before..
And to be honest never played this game.But maybe we can figure out problem and i hope you can meet Karen Smile
Default hacks?Maybe was touched other configurations? If yes what.
If this issue unique,better to post bug report i guess.

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