Yakuza 2 black screen (but w/ sound)
Hello, i tried to play some yakuza 2 today after beating yakuza on the emulator, and i found myself on a black screen but with background sound, i saw the recap from the first yakuza, and watched the story dialog, but then after beating the tutorial the black screen happened. The graphics were excellent, when the black screen came up i tried pressing F9, i closed widescreen and cheat patches and also turned up EE the MTVU was already set. Any help regarding this case? I'm using the 1.3.0 r5889, i still didn't close the game trying to see if something comes up

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Quote:* CDVD Disk Open: DVD, Single layer or unknown:
you didn't rip your game properly.
rip it again using imgburn
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it's fixed i swapped, from 4x native to native and started new game, i passed the part and didn't got any break

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