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Yakuza Issues
Hey everyone. I've been trying to play Yakuza on PCSX2 r5875 and I'm getting a strange graphical glitch that persists throughout any gameplay.
The character models seem to go invisible at certain angles only maybe showing eyeballs or other parts of a model. This happens during in-game cutscenes and gameplay.
While the game runs very smooth and playable, this glitch makes it very annoying to play.
I've tried any fixes listed in the wiki but they didn't help and google has nothing on this.

I've made an imgur album of images of the glitch occurring in the opening cutscene, my settings and specs.

Tell me if there's any other info I should post.

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press f9 ?
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That fixes the issue but in turn lowers the frame rate to sub 30 fps.
Config->Video->plugin settings

Change extra rendering threads to(based on your cpu # of cores) (e.g. 2 for a 4 core, 3 for a 6 core, 4 for an 8 core)

Then try software(F9) again.
[Image: vwah44]
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PCSX2 General Troubleshooting FAQ
That increased the fps to 50+. Thanks a ton!

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