Yakuza graphics problem
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im having a graphics problem in Yakuza 1 the screen flickers and sometime the whole screen and characters losses its colors and becomes plain white this happens most of the time during cutscenes and on fighting an enemy so PLZ if somebody tell me whats wrong im using r1889 and r2760 and im zigzagging between GSDX and Zerogs is it a gsdx problem cuz zerogs is slow

my settings are all default and a few speedhacks Intc spin hack and bifco spin hack and and eecycle rate on 2 oh and im playin this on native by the way Ill add a few screen shots later Ok peace!!!!!!!! Laugh

heres the screenies

[Image: 3389379.bmp]

[Image: 3389386.bmp]

[Image: 3389394.bmp]

[Image: 3389404.bmp]

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Disable min/max hack and vu cycle stealing time and try if picture will improve.Also try with gsdx grafic plugin software mode.
I am not using VU cycle stealing since it is not stated above and already tried to disable eecyle rate hack same results, Vu cycle stealing causes some slowdowns in some places no matter what U set it to. and I said above that it's not always like that it's perfectly normal when u are moving around in the town but gets like that during Cutscenes and fighting it starts with white flickering and then after a few seconds it becomes like that and few more flickering and then back to normal and after a few seconds it starts flickering again and ends with white again its like an endless cycle and software mode is SLUGISHLY SLOW around 40 to 50 fps but its normal though and does not have the stated problems
software power uses only power of your processor and not gpu.So try to enable software mode and all speedhacks at least if you want to see nonflickering cutscens,and then you can turn it off.
Smile I don't belive anyone else has better suggestion.

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