Yanya Caballista (NTSC-U) strangeness
The game starts up fine but when you get to 3D graphics everything except the audio becomes extremely laggy (maybe 10fps). The weird part is that framerate reads ~80fps despite all hacks being turned off. There are no errors in the console window. I tried an older version of gsdx and the problem persists, with some new problems added Ninja

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use my settings (in my sig)

and see if it clears up any.

I noticed something with a few games. this may be one of them
is your laptop temperatures is neutral??
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Thanks but I don't think it's a hardware issue. If I was being bottlenecked somewhere the audio would be just as laggy as the video since I'm not using async mix or any other hacks. Also worth noting is that my GPU load is just 15%. What I'd really like to know is if this is a known issue with any other games and if a solution has been discovered
Try Saiki's settings (see his sig).
You might want to adjust the Audio settings if that is where the problem seems to be.
Synce look for a pm by me
I know that this game has some kind of timing issue.
It's not fixable via settings, seems to be an emulation bug.
Slight update on this issue. As of 1.5.0-1507, switching EE to interpreter gets rid of the slow motion effect and the game might even run full speed on a beefy CPU but the character immediately falls through the ground when using this mode so it's unplayable.

^ EE recompiler - the speed indicator is false. Only the audio runs at that rate, the actual graphics are maybe 1fps

^ EE interpreter - correct speed for both graphics and audio, but note the glitch
Did you try change round or clamping mode settings to see if you could avoid falling through the ground?
Thanks for the suggestion but no luck with any of the combinations I tried

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