Yay, Valkyrie Profile 2 ! :D
Big Grin 
Hooray and stuff, I guess Laugh That's right, Valkyrie Profile 2 is now running, although not very Forrest Gump way, more like a turtle way, but a big achievement nevertheless. Thumbs up fo' da development team!

After playing a bit I can rightfully say that those colorful rainbow arrays really do engrave into memory and cacophony of downstretched sounds is going to haunt me in the dreams. A few screenshots will help you to get a share of my experience Wink

The game itself, at a first glance, seems playable , (if you can bear FPS with too few numbers in them, colorful flickering and some other uncool stuff...), although cutscenes have to be skipped (some of them simply freeze, but you can skip them and continue and other are super slow and choppy).

If you want more FPS you can direct your actions towards Advanced -> Clamp Mode (I did it for both EE and VU) and set it to None; you can also try setting Flush and Denormals to Zero. Gave me about +7-10 FPS in certain areas and didn't seem to break anything (that is if there was anything left to break).
Using speedhacks (especially 3x Cycle, which additionally breaks even more cutscenes) breaks FMVs; without them these are mostly viewable, but on the other hand, without them you are stuck with like 15FPS.
Using VU Frame Skip ceases to render main menu or ingame graphics at all, but you can now listen to the sound normally without any downstretching or artefacts... footsteps finally sound nice! Laugh

At some point I'd thought the game froze and almost screamed "AHA" while vigorously pressing all the buttons on my keyboard, but, eventually, I figured that I was simply looking at the screenshot I took.

Well, as a conclusion, I wanted to thank the developers for allowing me to play this game at 30 FPS, I guess it doubled my preasure from the game... While certain moments extended it from four to six times (15 fps and stuff).

Keep up the good work! Smile)


PSSSSSS. > Last second notice. Depending on the camera angle screen in a battle can go completely white.. Wink

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