Yet Another "Will This Run PCSX2" Thread.
I'm ordering parts for a HTPC, and I want to make sure that it'll be able to run PCSX2. (Cause that would be just awesome.)

Mostly I'll be playing FFX, DQ8, .hack series, FFXII, Persona, etc.

I can't go over a $300 budget, so if it can't I'll probably scrap the idea of a dual core and just go for a single core. My Desktop PC can still run pcsx2 just fine, so it won't kill me.

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thatll run it, but not brilliantly. The chip is okay, but the graphics card will be very poor for PCSX2. however i hear its a great media centre card Smile

btw you forgot memory Tongue2
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Nah nah, memory will be taken from my Desktop.
Do you think the graphics card will have really any effect?
You think it's possible to get full FPS with speed hacks?
The graphics card does help to a point, however those cards are literally made for media output, not gaming, so it will struggle.

Full FPS? I wouldnt guarentee it, however i wish you the best of luck.
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Ok, I'll probably just stick with a Single Core.
I'll still be pretty active since my Desktop can handle PCSX2! Smile
Remember a true ps2 will still run better;
but then :
less graphics filtering,
not the possibility to create iso from your disks so you can drive everything from one sole interface (no cd change please ! *sigh*)
and leave sitted confortably in your sofa while switching between tv, game or films,
and more other problems related to computer use ! yeah !
(extracted from my own 'pluses and minuses from using emulators')

Also, I'm not sure which processors functions are best used for runing pcsx2,
but here a comparator :
which show performance comparisons of processors for differents tasks (in french... sorry, but still understandable for non french)
the link show winrar perfs.
this should help in the 'which config for pcsx2 F.A.Q.'
as for processors perf comparison links.

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