Yet another tekken Question
Alright ill get to the point:
Im playing tekekn on pcsx2 r4600 and i got a question. With the cycle x2 and 95.1 Fps limit i get full speed and smooth ( yes its possible) gameplay in Practice now to the point.Whenever i play against the computer (Lets call it the AI) it isnt smooth anymore and i made some fps bechmarks and saw that the AI and maybe the interface like this ----------- xx --------- and the writing below (the player name and the rank) is cutting of about 5-7 fps can the AI hog so much cpu power? Because when i play Vs mode with my bro it is always smooth like in practice mode. Is there any way to make the AI not hog that much fps?
PS:If any1 has problems in Polar paradise ( the penguin stage ) use the Fpu compare hack for digimon rumble arena and it will eliminate all of the penguins exept on the ledge that gives u about 5 fps boost in that stage ( remember to turn it on only on that stage cuz it makes u go thro walls)[also good to check the 3D scenery up close Tongue].

Thanks for the help
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Tekken 4? 5? or Tekken Tag??

*Keep in mind those tekken games are heavy rich in CPU usage maybe roughly 4.5~5Ghz and your i5 laptop is overodds against it not even in KOF13's can't reach that Vmax FPS.
*also critical conditions since your running on a laptop suggestion set your power settings to "High performance" w/o setting any speedhacks might boost-fix a bit
*and check the temperatures,hi-temps knockdowned performances.
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Tekken 5.
Not throtling.
Yes its possible with VU stealing and MTVU if u use a SVN with the svn i get 45 fps on field and 53-60 near walls.

EDIT: but im using vu cycle with this 1 x2 tekken 4 is 60 solid and havent tried TTT because i dont own 1
I5 430M HD5730M 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz.

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