Poll: Disks or ISO's?
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Play the game off the DISK!
2 14.29%
Use the ISO file method!
12 85.71%
Total 14 vote(s) 100%
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Your opinion please?
First off, thanks for the program, found it because my PS2 stopped reading disks. It's been slow and choppy with the few I've tested, but still a step in the right direction!

I wanted to know if it is more efficient to run the games straight off the disks, or make ISO's of them instead? I have a great PS2 collection and don't need to use ISO's, but have seen mention of them and wonder if this is the route I should take?

Thanks for clearing this up for me.


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ISO's are quicker, and this is a forum, you dont need to give email addresses
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Been answered dozens of times before, do a search please?
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Image file

The importance of playing with an image file:
The emulator allows you to play directly to physical disks, but I advise you not to do. Loading times will increase and everything will be read by streaming (video, voice, etc) slowdowns affected (sometimes quite significant).

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The best option to play with pcsx are ISO┬┤s because the fps is more stable

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