Yu-Gi-Oh: Capsule Monsters Coliseum PAL - Issues List
This is a list of issues i have noticed with this game as of the latest build available for download (r320).

The game has sound issues that are related to the VU. If both set to SuperVU (legacy), the game's sounds work fine. Otherwise, besides the videos, only voices and music is heard with everything else being absent.

The game's graphics are completely wrong in hardware rendering. I do not remember them being so glitchy everywhere. Changing GS or VU settings and skipdraw have no effect. Here's a comparison between HW and SW rendering:


Unlike before, now if MTVU is enabled, the emulator simply does not start the game, returning to the BIOS menu instead of getting stuck during runtime.

The game has frozen twice before after a set time but i'm not sure what the cause is. Might have been my cheats (which i disabled while i was testing for those of you wandering).

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When did it last work without these issues?
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(07-17-2014, 04:58 PM)refraction Wrote: When did it last work without these issues?

I'm not entirely sure. I remember the game not being so terribly glitchy graphic and audio wise. I only had to make sure MTVU was turned off to play it.
From a quick test it doesn't seem like 1.2.1 makes things any better, but i'll get into more into this later. Is there a version archive i can make use of besides the buildbot?

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