Yu Gi Oh: Duelists of the Roses - Seto crash
Seen a few old threads on the same issue, wondering if there's a definitive fix. So I beat Seto, he begins his speech... and then:

[Image: 0e572715657b356e163e8632e97954f3.png]

It freezes at this exact moment, for reference: 

[Image: a6d379441177f2555322a4014dc42135.png]

This is what shows up in the Console:

[Image: aaf2a5698606be43cbbd58fc93f62912.png]

I've tried using the solutions offered on other threads from a few years back, but to no avail. I really would like to get this fixed, if any of you know how!  Tongue

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Reload from memcard instead of savestate
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