Yup, i have a huge problem.
So far i did everything i culd to get this psxc2 to work, but finally after i got, i get this message when i try to run it :

"You can't open the application "pcsx2" because it is not supported on this architecture."

.......... My best guess is pcsx2 is for intel core only? Either that or some error. Please don't tell me its only for intel core...... cuz if it is.. i worked all this way for nothing..... got mah playstation 2 games, bios, everything..... please respond...Biggrin

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PCSX2 is x86 only, yea. If you're trying to run this on an older MAC, chances are that it doesn't have an x86 architecture.
(It'd be too slow to get any playable speeds anyway Wink )
@SoulFace: I rise my hat before your persistence and dignity.
The attempt to run pcsx2 on a PPC Mac feels like if someone would've tried to save the Titanic from sinking by sticking multicolor balloons all over the rig ;-).

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