Z-buffer issues with King of fighters 2002 UM
Hi everyone!

i know this was posted before,but i want to know if someone found a solution,

i tried all posible configuration and nothing change (dx9,dx11,opengl,hardware,soft.. old plugin,new plugin..)
i post a pics from the game emulated (left) and the ps2/arcade version (right)

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Try increasing VU clamping accuracy to the maximum (Full + preserve sign or something similar)
Nope, nothing works. It is most likely a GSdx issue, since hardware and software have differences between them similar to this problem.
If it appears at all in software there is a really good chance it's a core bug.

If it appears in both but differently, it could be some of each.

Do we have an issue about this on github? If not I'm inclined to create one.

Edit: Not that I can find.

Please someone make a proper bug report on the forum here so I can report it on GIT and link it. I do not have the game.
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