ZZOgl 0.19.187
Hello fellow emulators! Laugh
This is my first thread on the forum, because I'm shy and hate doing these things.. ^^
I've been searching the internet and particularly this forum for a plugin to help me with my Sonic Unleashed Tongue
Yeah I know it's one of the worst games to emulate, as some of you said, but I still want to get the best experience and this plugin will do the best. There used to be a great video on youtube with exactly what I wanted, where I got the plugin and used it for a while. Now I decided to play it again and nothing goes right. Any help please?
This is the video if anybody is wondering: *Warez link*
Please help me find a Windows version of ZZOgl 0.19.187 Sad
Edit: GSdx-ShadeBoost-v4-SSE2 is a great one too it removes all lag and increases graphics to get a little bit more crist, but my emulator fails to detect it.
I installed pcsx2 properly and all the plugins are working fine, except any new plugin I try to add. This is really weird and I would like help with that too..

Thanks a ton in advance. I want to see a discussion going so that future people visiting this thread will get all the help they need! <3

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