ZZOgl.dll error
i've seen alot of threads on this error
however i couldnt really find a specific fix for it
everytime i boot pcsx2 i get Some kinda plugin failure: C:\Users\Daniel\Desktop\pcsx2-4870-windows-x86\plugins\ZZOgl.dll

graphics card: gt555m
nothing happens in the game, just get that error,
what does ZZOgl actually do?
also if u find a good thread, redirect me and close this one Smile

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it is a GS plugin for L-I-N-U-X not for windows unless you instal it you will have this bug and when you instal Linux you will have the same bug for GSDX and you will ask the same question and thank your God that you have a Sandy Bridge CPU or you will have a GSDX bug that you dont support AVX and that all happens when you use SVNs
i need to chill out Mellow
You need two file to make it work
cg.dll and cgGL.dll

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HAHAHA thanks for the help abdo ~ ^^!
yeah i've seen way too much people with the error on the fourms and no clue what it did Smile

edit: ohhh so it can work on windows? o.o
(08-14-2011, 07:36 PM)vsub Wrote: You need two file to make it work
cg.dll and cgGL.dll

he is not using Linux that is why he posted this in windows forum Wink
That's just OGL plugin...it's not linux only plugin
Windows can use DX and OGL but linux only OGL
but we all know that GSDX is better and faster why to bother our self
Before ZZogl was the only plugin able to run Sonic Unleashed for example.

And btw he asked why he get that error,so I just answer Tongue2
=) yeah its cool! thanks for the help also vsub! Laugh
man that plugin is ... not as nice as GSDX Tongue
how Linux users use PCSX2 with joy

now i know why Linux users drink a lot of wine

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