ZZogl -- Zero GS KOSMOS fork
Important! For Windows users! You need cg.dll and cgGL.dll files from Nvidia CG-Toolkit!. This files should be put in pcsx2 main directory. I was able to run ZZogl on windows by simply installing this package: http://developer.nvidia.com/object/cg_download.html .

As I resolve my first list of bugs, I am ready to release. Latest svn could be obtained from:

(as always, use svn co [url] [directory name]).

1) What is ZZOgl? It is project to completely redone ZeroGS openGL, to keep it in more maintainable and readable state. Right now there is only one Linux plugin and we could not use GSDX one, so it's highly unacceptable, that we use such old version as 0.96.7. And it's almost impossible to fix code by easy small patches, as I do sometimes.

2) Why don't use old name? ZeroFrog ask me to use another name to separate projects:
Quote:I actually have my own plans for zerogs ogl once i return to the pcsx2 project, so to keep our work separate, you should really start your own plugin (which i'm looking forward to!!). feel free to copy everything.

3) How much code would be redone? Most function of targets.cpp, zerogs.cpp, GSmain.cpp, regs.cpp, Mem.cpp, ix.86 should be redone and rearranged. I follow some sort of code standards, which disallow to have a long functions (although, my "long" function is much bigger than Linus Torwalds one, Linux standards recommend that function could be seen at 80*25 text console). You could think as 50% of code would be redone.

4) Is it Linux only plugin? Most of the time no. I hope that it would be compilable and runnable on Windows, as original one do. But! I could missing some headers, so maybe some help would be nice

5) Bugs that was fixed. From original (non PG version):
a) Antialliasing modes x8 and x16 was added, switching (F6) was fixed, and double-image at AA modes was fixing. This patch was also added in PG version.

b) Bilinear filtering is now fixed. Look at Disgaea at 1280*1024 resolution! AA 16x + bilinear is the most needed thing for it. First two with off release, and third -- from ZZogl.
was     become    

In P3 bilinear caused several glitches on text and shadow (look on floor).
was     become    

c) Fix SMT:Nocturne, DDS1 and DDS2 image weirdness. It was a couple of troubles, there was no implicit "bug", only code was screwed by itself.

was     become    

d) Fix image reversal trouble. I don't remember other game, that was affected, except Ethernal Poison, which became unplayable from around r546.
was     become    

e) Lesser (0.5%) speedup.

f) FFX missing textures

g) GOW become more or less playable (with 16 bit textures):
was     become    

6) Bug', planned to fix:

b) Half screen issues with Baldurs gates and SW:Force unleashed
c) Redone all parts of the code and made a proper comments.
d) Gust games background issue (fixed by Gust fix)
e) Draw Kick's slowdown in Okage and some other games.

7) Bug repporting. I would be happy to obtain any bug report. But! if there is ZeroGS and ZZogl same bug, better state it.

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Awesome, another GS plugin to toy with. I'm looking forward to this Smile

Keep up the good work Laugh
I'm so looking for to this plugin.
System Specs:

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Are you planning to support both, windows and linux?

And what do you think of using OGL3 for more speed and correctness ( similar to the GSDX10 Mode ).
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Code rewriting first. And support for both targets, yes.
well, I hoe it will still support OGL2, cause not everyone can upgrade to an ogl3 card.
Hmmm... I'll have to look and see what you've done to it when I get a chance. Looks good from the screenshots.

And I suppose if Zerofrog wants it as a seperate fork, I should honor that, and not just overwrite the current ZeroGS plugin with it. Smile Hope that means he'll be coming back to work on it soon.

Oh, and with your current svn, looks like ZZoglCreate.cpp is missing. Also, the 3rdparty directory is still a symbolic link...
It's so easy to forget a file. Well, I think it's better to keep it separate, because I use to do like Strausstruppe told: use inline instead define, enums, a lot of functions etc.
Nothing I haven't done before.

And no argument from me on any of that; I've done several commits to pcsx2 that converted defines to inlines (including at least one or two in zerogs), and I added a couple of enums to Patch.cpp when doing some cleanup a few months back. Not to mention that I changed all the registers in ZeroSPU2 to enums...
wicked, unfortunately the link seems to be down so i can't try it out ;(

anyway, its always nice seeing people picking up projects like this ^^
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