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ZZogl -- Zero GS KOSMOS fork
Hey is the link down?
I'm getting an error with loading the site with firefox!

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possibly is gone yes, this thread hasn't really been touched in 2 years..
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i want to play sonic unleashed with the emulator, but when i play the game is only on the pacours problems, bugs i don't now. 
i've tried 2 other plugins.... the first is the gsdx32-x-r5875 and the second was he zerogs 0.97.1
at the first plugin was green stripes only in the runs. and at the second plugin was the background white.
in dialogs, cutscenes or others is all ok

After this two plugins i've found the ZZogl plugin.... i had downloade and unzip the plugin into the  plugin file.... but i can't find it in the list for the grafic plugins.......
Wacko Wacko
i hope anyone can help me

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