Zatch Bell MF - New thread for the same thing because ppl don't ask before accusing
God bless the ppl who don't ask before accusing deliberately what I wanted to say with:
Quote:I tried to fix it using a pcsx2 playground plugins and bios I found at the internet
was that I actually have a ps2 original bios, dumped from a original ps2 and I tried with the pcsx2 playground which comes with a bunch of outdated bios that came with the pack which, by the way, I deleted and never used. The reason I downloaded it was that it was the only one I found in the internet because this site don't have it anywhere.

So if this thread, at the eyes of some close-minded ppl is the same, close it, erase it, dump it, beat it, do whatever you like and lose a fan of your work just because of your "shoot-first-ask-later" way of doing things, but don't try to say I'm using something illegal, because I plan on working on the games business and the thing I hate most is piracy for what it does to the effort of the game designers, programmer and all else who's involved in it.

So, after some explanations the problem is still the same as here:

Sry for my bad english, thanks to all who at least care about the problem and, if some intolerant person close this thread before trying to help, probably good-bye

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It's not accusing when you admitted to wrong. The forum rules make it very clear that people who download ISOs or Bios files do not get help. While PEOPLE may judge things based on a case to case basis. The LAW does not give a damn for what reason you committed the crime, you will still have to face the consequences of your actions.

For example, you steal bread to feed your starving family. Sure, you had an innocent reason for doing such an action, but the fact remains, you stole that bread and it doesn't change the fact that it was illegal.

This forum does not support illegal activity and refuses to help those who have.
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More or less, yes. That's pretty much how it works. Real close minded people, however, may choose to see the rules differently.

Anyway your answer is simple: the game isn't going to emulate. These VIF errors are a core compatibility problem, and there's little or nothing you can do to fix them, short of modifying PCSX2's VIF implementation. Like, you know, C++ code, backwards engineering, and all that jazz. Have fun.

Thread closed. Warning issued for trolling against what was responsible and justifiable behavior by a moderator, as according to forum rules.
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