Zeonic Front Graphical Issues 1.0.0
Hey guys,

Zeonic Front is perfectly playable but there are some graphical issues that I need help with. Firstly, when transitioning from menu to menu the game lags and the screen shows green, red, yellow and blue squares. When the transition is complete the game returns to normal speed and the colours are once again correct. Then, when playing, textures are missing and colours are sometimes off.

I have 8-bit textures and speedhacks enabled.

I noticed this problem was also occurring with 0.9.6. Just wondering if a solution has been found yet?

CPU: I7-3630
GPU: GT-650M

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I had no problems with ZF in-game at least in DX10/11.
The menu transition on the other hand is a texture cache bug(meaning it'll rather not be fixed;p), you can switch to software mode with F9 during it for a nice speedup or just play the whole game in software mode if you don't care about the res since it's pretty light anyway.
Thanks a lot guys

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