Zero Gs plugin
is Zero Gs plugin open source? if it's is tehre any playground version or any newer svn release after 367 or 393?

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It is open source, but there have been no Win32-side modifications to it (yet). We have it checked in at the Playground Repository, and Arcom42 has made a handful of Linux/OpenGL patches. None of the current Playground team are very strong in the 3D graphics engine dept, so don't expect much to happen for a while. Wink
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
Well, to be totally accurate, the patches I applied are to the OpenGL version, and would apply to that version on both Windows and Linux. However, the DirectX version of ZeroGS is better then the OpenGL version with or without the patches, so they would be unlikely to impact you.

And the main patch I've applied is the ZeroGS OGL Plugin patch from the plugins section...
tnks for your answers

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