ZeroGS 0.97.1 Not Saving Options...
Note: Just wanted to post some issues regarding the ZeroGS plugin. I wanted to just let those who spend their spare time making the Emulator work great, to know these issues.

Some of the left column options (NOT The Advanced Options Box) keep their default options even when I change them after I click "OK".

In other words, if I uncheck "Interlace Enable" and click "OK", it will have a check mark again when I click the "Configure" button to see the menu.
This also happens with:

-Wireframe Rendering
-Capture Avi
-16:9 Widescreen

except that with these four options, they remain "UNCHECKED" even when I check them before clicking "OK".

Biliner Filtering, Save Snapshots, Anti-Aliasing and the Window Size KEEPS the options I choose after clicking "OK" however.

I am aware I can hit the shortcut keys, but for some reason when I hit "ALT-ENTER" to make the screen full, it becomes either all black or all white (with the music still playing normally).

I have tested this on both BETAr1736 and BETAr1888 with two computers (my notebook and desktop) and all four times the above is the same.

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Yes, it's ZeroGS bug. And nobody will fix them, because ZeroGS is no longer supported by anyone. Similar issues with ZZogl I was fixed recently.

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