ZeroGS: A phrase appears on my snapshots
When I take a snapshot, ZeroGS' name appears on the top alongside it's version and fps.

How do I take it from there? I don't like my snapshots with that on top...

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Is there a reason why you need to take the shots with ZeroGS? If not I'd suggest trying with the GSdx grpahics plugin instead.
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I do have 3 GSdx 890 0.1.14 (all with different SSEs), but all of them make the game screem tremble and that's uncomfortable...
Press F5 until the shaking disappears
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thanks, it helped. But now, I can't get snapshots using F8, nothing appears on the "snap" folder...
Make a 'snaps' folder if it doesn't exist and check there after you retry
[Image: newsig.jpg]
ZeroGS created it, I now have a "snap" and a "snaps" folder... In none of them appeared a thing...
It seems many others had the same problems as me.

I have gsdx 1.14, which seemingly doesn't allow snaps, but there's now a 1.15 version that allows... I'm gonna try my luck.

And it works, but with a catch... The snaps come in .bmp, and I prefered in .jpg, like it was with ZeroGS. Damn...

Also, I compared GSdx with ZeroGS, and the first really is better in graphic.

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