ZeroPad, OnePad, and PS3 Pad
So I have trouble configuring my controls to my PS3 controller. First of all how do I use ZeroPad or OnePad? OnePad is just plain confusing, and ZeroPad just crashes every time I press one of the buttons to change controls. Second of all, are PS3 controllers (the one that I'm using right now is a rock candy USB controller) compatible with PCSX2? And is compatible with the Windows Version? Thanks.

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Look at "Devices and Printers" if the controller appears in there. If so, right click it and Game controller settings, from the properties you can verify if Windows is registering the buttons.

Case it works on Windows it will work with LilyPad plugin (what you could use).
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I'm using a Mac (since naturally this is the Mac section).

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