Zerospu2 using portaudio
I've been porting zerospu2 to mac recently and to do that i've had to use portaudio as an underlying sound output library. I've built it on linux successfully but as i'm using vmware, i can't really test it properly so wondered if anybody on linux can test it for me Smile You need to install portaudio first as i didn't statically link it in.

.gz   zeroSPU2.tar.gz (Size: 50,98 KB / Downloads: 1.466)

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Seems to work to me. Could be useful, since portaudio has Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows ports...
For that matter, mind if I go ahead and bring the portaudio code into the main trunk?
Win32 version is still not ported, but if you want to merge in linux/mac version, go ahead
All right, cool, thanks.

I've basically got it set up right now where defining ZEROSPU2_ALSA, ZEROSPU2_OSS, or ZEROSPU2_PORTAUDIO sets which version compiles right now (And I have options in Codeblocks for all of them.). Unless it's on Windows, in which case it gets DSound. Eventually, Windows should get a choice of DSound or PortAudio too.

Even later, I might make it pickable at runtime.
Is there a benefit to using PortAudio over DSound in Windows?
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Hm, portaudio uses DSound for sound output on windows so shouldn't make much difference really

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