Zombie Hunters 2 problem in the moviment controlls
Hi guys

I tested the tekken 5 and works greatly.
I see in your section of compatibility games and I dont see the game of Zumbie Hunters 2 but I tested this now and the game works perfectly, have one little problem withc is the moviment controllers doesn´t work only the controllers of attack work well.
I have teste the 2 plugins of Pad and its the same, so any sugestion to repair the moviment controllers?

here is the video:


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Have you configured the D-pad AND the left and right analog sticks? You should be using Lilypad by the way
[Image: newsig.jpg]

general I use that plugin Lilypad and its the same result.
Its strange because I tested this controllers in others games and its works just well but in the game (Zombie Hunters 2) does´t work well.
In Lilypad everythink is configurated.
Can you take a screenshot of your lilypad settings? both Pad1 and general.
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here is : http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/1043/70456166.jpg
You're missing a lot of the buttons configured. You need to configure the left analog stick, you're also missing the L1/2/3 and R1/2/3 buttons.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

Shadow Lady and Bositman thanks for the help its working now.
I configured the left analogic stick has Shadow lady says and now works perfectly.

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